Preparing for the Solar Eclipse Energy

The energy of the solar eclipse will soon flow down to the Earth, and we will be ready. It is a special time for us all to give thanks to the heavens for where we are today. Our planet is badly in need of positivity and love to help us in the ascension to a new life. There so much happening right now then the consensus reality knows. We are at a critical time in our development. The threat of nuclear war and the destruction of the Earth isn’t as far away as some may think.

Ascended spirits have come to our planet and are helping us right now.  They are here to see that during these turbulent times that we are happily choosing the light instead of the dark.  It is our time to select love over fear and unity over separation. Love can save us all if we just believe. Let’s come together now in harmony as we reach the date of this sacred event.

The spirits that have reincarnated have now awakened and are ready to aid us with their infinite wisdom. The reincarnation process is blooming.  It is opening up like a beautiful flower that is ready to bear fruit.  Many of us have lived hundreds of lives just to get to this point.  We are in a ‘make it or break it’ time. A galactic unveiling is taking shape and guiding us to where we need to go.

For these reasons, we urge you to come together on the day of the solar eclipse and ground your energy into mother Earth. Use the gift of meditation to take this world to the next level of ascension and consciousness. It is with much love that we share this message, our dear friends. Spread the love and knowledge of the light.  Allow our real existence to shine through the facade.


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