Yerba Santa Plant

Everything About Yerba Santa

The smudge is made from the leaves of Yerba Santa, a plant belonging to the family Hydrophyllaceae. Its leaves are lanceolate to oblong in shape and are distinctly hairy on their veins. They are green … Read more


Incense Ash Not Falling Meaning

When it comes to the meaning of incense, there are a few different interpretations. Some say that it is used to ward off evil spirits, while others believe that it is a way to connect … Read more


Can Incense Make You High?

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What Is Anapanasati?

Anapanasati means “mindfulness of breathing.” It’s a meditation technique that many people use to calm their minds and develop concentration. You focus on your breath as you breathe in and out. You notice where your … Read more


Should I Burn Incense When I Meditate?

Incense is often associated with meditation and yoga, but many people wonder whether it’s necessary to burn incense when you’re meditating. The short answer: no, you don’t have to use incense if you don’t want … Read more


Does Incense Expire or Go Bad?

Because incense is made from natural ingredients, it does not have an expiration date. However, once you open the package, you need to keep it in a cool, dry place and use it within three … Read more

What is Amber Resin?

What is Amber Resin?

In this article, I am going to tell you what amber resin is, how amber resin is formed, where amber resin comes from and why is it so expensive. I will also discuss the difference … Read more