8 Easy Ways How You Can Cleanse, Repair And Heal Your Aura!

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Everyone has an aura. Humans, animals, and plants, your aura is a part of your energetic body and it’s around your physical body. The ideal aura would be a smooth and clean aura that has no holes in it and sends out a high vibration. When you’ve got the ideal aura your life energy can easily flow threw you but sadly that’s not the case for the average person. Cleansing the aura can be essential to get back its protective functions, and at times when you face big problems in your life (depression, alcohol or drug abuse etcetera), at those times the aura can be weak and there can get holes in your aura.

The aura protects you against negative energies and in the worst case, aura lifters. An aura lifter can get inside your aura and stay there, and this will most likely have an influence on your life and your energy. Well… Now that you reading this, don’t get afraid, don’t panic. It’s pretty easy to cleanse, protect and reinforce your aura and I am going to tell you how you can do this! In this article, I am going to show you how to cleanse your aura!

Some reasons why your aura can be weakened:

  • Negative emotions. (fear, anxiety, sadness, depression)
  • A Trauma
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Narcosis
  • Some sorts of meditation such as Anapanasati, or Vipassana
  • A blow to the physical body
  • (Toxic) chemicals
  • Electromagnetic fields
  • A negative blow from another person (the power of the mind is great and with this power, people can harm other people)
  • Channeling
  • And more….

Here are 8 ways to cleanse, protect and reinforce your aura!

#1 Cleanse with sage

You can cleanse your aura with sage. Sage sends away all negative energies out of your aura. Often sage will be used combined with an abalone shell, the reason why is that all 4 elements will get involved this way.

  • Sage -> Earth
  • Smoke -> Air
  • Abalone Shell -> Water
  • Fire -> Fire

#2 Cleanse, heal and reinforce the aura with energetic healings

When you give yourself or receive energetic healings you will cleanse your energy field and you will replace the negative energy with new positive energy. Some good examples of energetic treatments are Usui and Gold Reiki but other forms, reiki or others are perfect to use for this.

#3 Wear black tourmaline

Black tourmaline turns negative energy into positive energy and it protects against all sorts of negative energies. This stone is known for its power to send back negative energy and harmful radiation. It removes the negative energies that are inside your aura. I always, and then I mean always wear a black tourmaline around my neck. If you think about doing the same, take it with you when you’re going to take a shower because the water from the shower will cleanse the stone.

#4 Wear labradorite

Kirlian photos have shown that labradorite prevents the aura from leaking energy and that it will repair holes in your aura. When you hold labradorite in your hands for 20 minutes it will have a positive effect that continues the next 12 hours after you take away the stone.

#5 Protect and repair your aura with a dome

You can protect your aura visualizing that from your solar plexus chakra starts shining a pure and white light, this light will keep getting bigger and bigger, stronger and stronger. This pure white light covers all of your body and your aura. Now, try to see and feel the holes in your aura, when you see them try to close them with the power of your mind! If this doesn’t work the first time, try again some other time, don’t get frustrated!

#6 Less contact with electric devices!

This will be hard for us in the current society where technology is all around us in our daily lives. But try to get less in contact with electrical devices. Put your telephone away when you don’t necessarily need it because all these electrical devices send out harmful radiation and that has an influence on your aura!

#7 Healing threw sounds

The healing power of sounds is enormous. All sorts of ancient civilizations used sounds for healing, and even to this day sounds will be used to heal humans all around the world. Take Tibetan Singing Bowls, they are used for many years and they’re still in use and more popular than ever! The Tibetan Singing Bowls create a vibration, and this vibration works on your aura and your chakra. It has a healing and cleansing effect!

#8 Cleanse your aura with sea salt

When you live close to the ocean. Jump into the sea and swim! Water and sea salt has a strong cleansing effect on your aura and while your aura is getting cleansed it will be charged by the power of the sun! If you don’t have the sea nearby then just take some sea salt and scrub yourself with it!

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