Is There Life After Death?


Cultures around the world have developed religions for a wide variety of purposes. Some of them do so to create order within that culture, giving their people something to believe. Others were only looking for answers, and they began to contemplate things outside of the five senses.

One of the most prominent questions that all people ask, even if they do not have a religion, is wondering what happens after we die. This issue has very few answers because empirical evidence cannot be brought back from this destination if it does exist. Let’s discuss the most prominent theories about reincarnation in an attempt to determine if we will continue to live after we have died.

The Theory Of After Life

This theory is a straightforward one, but it may be one of the most profound concepts that a person can contemplate. We all understand what happens in the world around us, but when we die, the essence of who we are is no longer here. Many people have had loved ones die, and if they were in the room, often report that there was an emptiness once the person had passed on. Wondering where these people go, or considering where we will go when we die, is a difficult question to answer. There are many experts on this topic, one of which is a man by the name of Dr. Ray Moody who coined the phrase near-death experiences.

What Is A Near-Death Experience?

These experiences occur when a person has died and can come back to life. This event can happen anywhere, but many of the documented cases occur within a hospital setting. Dr. Raymond Moody discussed many of the patients that he had who were pronounced clinically dead, yet when they returned; they remembered seeing and hearing things all around them which would have been impossible due to the lack of brain activity. People discussed floating above their body, sometimes getting stuck on walls or the ceiling, and then drifting into a dark tunnel. Many scientists have stated that this is simply the brain producing final imagery as the body is about to die. However, the cases with no brain activity detected by an EKG machine are the most interesting because the brain was not functioning while they were having this experience.

Is There Proof Of Life After Death?

There is no tangible proof of life after death. People that experience the hereafter do so from the standpoint of memories. For those that follow a particular religion such as Christianity may believe that there is a heaven, complete with angels and pearly gates. Many other belief systems teach that the soul continues on and that we retain our individuality, perhaps traveling to other worlds in the universe. Other religions such as Hinduism believe that we reincarnate as another person, or can even come back as a plant or animal. There is a common belief that those that die, who died tragically, inhabit this world in a parallel dimension in the form of a ghost. And finally, there are religions like Buddhism that believe in a place called Nirvana, a place apart from suffering that can provide you with eternal enlightenment.

Which Concept Is Right?

From a practical standpoint, any of these versions of life after death could represent what happens. There have been some eye-opening discoveries through a practice called past lives therapy that has shed light on reincarnation. Also, books on this topic such as the Tibetan Book of the Dead supply details of what happens after we die. Whether these are stories that people have made up, or they are accounts of what people experience, similar to a near-death experience, none of us will ever know until we experience this ourselves. Some people believe that our cultural upbringing and beliefs will augment our destination. For example, a person that believes in Christian ideologies would not enter into Nirvana. This question about our destination after death is one that everyone should be interested in because we all need to know if we continue to exist after death. Regardless of the answer, there seems to be enough indirect evidence through religions, out of body experiences, and NDEs to indicate that we will continue once our time on earth has ended.

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