How you can raise your vibration or keep your vibration high!

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Most likely when you feel good, your vibration is normal to high. Your vibration is your energetic equivalent of how you feel. When you are depressed, angry, upset or when you use drugs and/ or alcohol etcetera it’s possible that your vibration is lower than average.

When your Raise your vibration or keep your vibration high your sending out positive vibes into the world and universe. And when you’re sending out good vibes you’ll get good vibes coming back to you. I’ve got a couple of good ways for you to raise your vibration and/ or keep your vibration high.

These 8 ways will help you to raise your vibration!

These 8 ways are so easy, everyone can do this, easily!

  • You Are What You Eat!

When you eat too many processed foods, you will probably get loads of toxic chemicals in your body, these chemicals have nasty side effects.

Do you eat meat? Well, this will probably keep your vibration low, maybe you’re thinking why, well I’ll tell you: 99% of the meat that is in the stores comes from animals that are mistreated, those animals are being held against their will, those animals are being injected with chemicals like antibiotics, and the last journey they make is inside of a truck with no food, no water and do you think they want to get out of the truck.. No, they know that there going to be cut into pieces, so the last thing that the animal gets is a lot of stress, that stress combined with the chemicals is inside the body of the animal, and that is what you’re going to eat! So you’re eating the suffering of these animals, this will lower your vibration.

  • Water, Water, Water

Water and then I mean spring water, is a source of energetic primal power! Water cleanses the body, the physical as well as the energetic body.

  • Improve The World!

Because you’re going to improve the world by helping other people, animals, or commit to helping nature you will raise your vibration or you’re keeping your vibration high this way. You really don’t need to travel to Syria to help the refugees and war victims… Things that are small for you, can make big changes for another!

  • Sing, Dance, Laugh…

Music, dancing, and emotion… It will bring your vibration to the next level! Have you ever seen a depressed person singing and dancing?  When you Sing, Dance and Laugh you will raise your vibration or keep your vibration high, this is a real easy way to do so… You will send out positive vibes into the world!

  • Nature, the place to heal!

You really don’t have to spend all day walking threw the forest, when you’ve got time just go to the forest or the beach and stay there for one hour. You will calm down here, stress will disappear and all negative energy will leave your body, mind, and soul!

  • Sleep like a baby…

Every human being needs the time to rest and sleep to help the body (and mind) to recover. If you don’t sleep enough then this will affect your mood, productivity, and your vibration! Try to get enough sleep… The Dalai Lama said: “Sleep is the best meditation” and it’s true!

  • Don’t worry about things you can’t change!

Lately, I see people worry about all sorts of things. Things they can’t change… So why should you worry about things you cannot change? My advice, don’t worry about things you can’t change! When you’re worrying a lot you send out negative vibes, and in return, you will attract negative energy.

  • DDD -> Don’t Do Drugs!

You should not use alcohol and drugs, if you are a spiritual person or not, drugs and alcohol are bad for you! It creates holes in your aura and that’s an easy way for entities to enter your aura. You’ll send out a negative vibe and attract negative vibes. So Don’t Do Drugs and keep your vibration high!

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